Coffee Bux Forum Rules

Started by PopBank 2020-04-13 at 09:14
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By being a member of we are obliged to perform to you Paid To Click or PTC sites, how we do this is through Administration PTC, Our sites are easy to do fun and Fast Please pay attention to this ruling.... When clicking one of our Video PTC you must abide by this ruling...

Wait for your PTC timer to end Do your time Then watch the video 20 seconds do that by counting to 20 in your head or softly. If the Video has a Advertisement on it, Once again watch the ad if the Ad is over a minute then count to 20 watch the ad click skip, watch the video 20 seconds again.

Why are you doing this, this is how makes its money on YouTube if we make money by you watching a few seconds of the video and Advertisement, As well if you look each video has a link copy paste that link in a new Tab click like or dislike which ever and by all means Subscribe to lamoia100 Martins channel because she paying you through

So you see the more you do the videos the more you copy paste the links the more more more you get paid each time every-time, And we plan to turn Payment on Autopilot in the future. That means no waiting click do payout- withdraw get paid instant. Please follow this ruling watch the videos watch the ads 20 seconds after timer. If you have a video you want us to put up ask we may just credit your account with PTC credits... No other site will do that Let us help you. By the way lamoia100 martin has many videos and she wants to advertise them to hep you get paid.