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Published on 17-08-2019

Welcome To

The World of PTC


I am Hoping all of you that are Joining us are having a Great Day.


Who are we and what are we?


We are CoffeeBux Simply put a PTC, PPC, GPT and we are unlike anything you are use to for sure.

To read a little more about Advertising and or Upgrades you can follow this in our Forum Please feel free to Read the Forum over.

Have a Question Ask us in support write us a ticket. We usually respond within 24 hours. 

If you are not receiving verification emails make sure you sign up with proper spelling of the email. 

We can look into any concerns reqarding Verification.


Coffee Bux is Not a regular PTC, it is fueled by members like yourself and many Businesses that are online and real world. You make exactly what you are comfortable with here, meaning when you upgrade upgrade to where you are most comfortable. It is true that we offer Marketing Memberships, as well as High Paying PTC Memberships and most importantly Business Class Memberships that will Startle you at first in all reality those are real Buisness Examples what it would cost and take to run a actual buisness in start up and so on for 10 Years, Any of you wanting to runa  Business and not sure how we offer you the plan and a few steps to help you out if you care to learn just ask us. We have a short write up that we share with all new Business owners here at Coffee Bux and some great tools you'll need to make it even more then just a paid to click site that works like a real life Business for you. 


Our Site is a Life Term Membership which simply means are not going anywhere.

When we bought this site we were searching for the right PTC Script, that was Hard, we knew we were against other PTC's for years NEOBux, Clix, ScarletClicks to name a few, but we think we are showing you and others that we are nothing like the other ptc's True they are older and have proven themselves yes we get that, but in a way we have a lot to prove to you and other skeptics, maybe we will do that through payments made. Who Knows only thing to remember is your referrals only have to click 10 times a day to make good profits here. 


Direct referrals by now you should know you have PTC Tools you can use the tools to promote your coffeebux account all over the internet, and you can gain direct referrals. In a short while we will put up some of these places you can use yourself to direct taffic to your sign up free, monthly traffic. 

This will help you gain Direct Referrals and so forth.


If you have any questions feeel free to ask us 


Thanks again and remember to use Forums and gain points.