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Profit Sharing

Started by PopBank 2020-02-08 at 10:58
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Hello And Welcome to Profit Sharing

What is this it is simple you buy a share from us and in 30 Days you get your initial amount you purchased plus interest. How cool is that right, no worries this is not a scam it is using Popbank.Ca harmonic and drives to the greatest in excellence in Profit Share techniques. They sort of work light a micro GIC Geared to Income Share. All you are receiving is Coin back to combined with your Initial Investment Plus Interest..

Let take a look at how this works. First off you will make a deposit of Currency it will be in the form of Crypto Currency. Mind you it is easy and we make it easy for you to make profit off us.

You Simply send a email to coffeebux Support ask them in email PS.. i am investing in this currency...

They will send you a reply of the address you send currency too and how much you must send in total, they then will ask you to make sure they receive the correct amount minus the fee to send from you to the wallet address example they require 523 DOGE Coins and you will need to send 523.00500000 Doge Coin covering the amount they require and the fee for the transaction. in 30 days you receive interest free.

What coins does coffeebux work with it will surprise you greatly. the list is huge.

BTC BitCoin Ethereum, ETH BitcoinCash BCH ABC BitCoinCash SV Dash DashCoin LiteCoin LTC Monero XMR
GRIN GrinCoin REP Augur DOGE DogeCoin ETC EtherumClassic Atom AtomicCoin XRP Ripple EOS EOSCoin USDCUSDCoin USDT UsTetherCoin STR STellar ZRX OxCoin TRX TronCoin ZEC ZCash BCN ByteCoin GNT GolemCoin OMG OmeiseGoCoin

With this in Mind be Prepared to make some money and grow your coin supply and counts. The Harmonic is the only Harmonic online that allows you to grow your coins without any real effort involved, this procedure allows you to turn your coins into sheer profit as they grow and gather making the crypto coin more profitable and circulated thus making it more popular. Many proclaim this as you will find only does it they handle trillions of coin volume each day and make it fees able for you the average person to grow in profit.

Let us talk values here 5 Coin Value, to 100,000,000 coin values. Yes we work with figures as small as 5 coin these are usually top coins like BTC ETH ABC SV XMR DASH LTC these coins need to be at least 5 coins to work with them,

500 is the smallest amount for other coins. like DOGE, REP, Grin, ETC, USDC, USDT, ZEC

10000 smallest for coins like XRP, EOS, XRP

100,000 smallest for STR, TRX, GNT, ZRX, OMG, BCN

but you can invest 100 million coins in any coin amount if you like. the main idea for you to understand is that your money is secure and safe we use one of the toughest wallets to break into. and your crypto currency is iron clad.

Why Choose us - We are very egar to help you grow your crypto as we deal with crypto currency daily no client of ours has never been unsatisfied, we hold the most securest crypto exchange in the world and we have been working with crypto currency since 2012. Our motto is grow and holdl as much coin as you can. Sell when we tell you to sell your crypto currency.

so look at your coins and get started growing them today send a support ticket to coffeebux and get started on you way.

We look forward to helping you.