Frequently Asked Questions
CoffeBux FAQ

Most Frequent Asked Questions


About Membership and Payment Process

1. Do you Accept Perfect Money Payments, Yes we do if they are in BTC BitCoin we provide youa Wallet address to send payment to in BTC after 6 Confirmations your Order will be Processed for Advertising Credits and Or Upgrades.


2. Do you Pay in any Other Crypto Currency, No We only Pay In BTC, BitCoin.


3. How do I make Money On this Site. YThere is many ways for you to make money with Paid to click ads, you can Do Games Do Offer Walls, learn from, and CryptoClub the CC sponsored advertisments n the site. If you own a Website, WebPage, Blog, Social Chanel, or Network, if you need Traffic Onine recognition we suggest other then our site to contact LinkLoop, do you know Link Loop is a Marketing Firm that works with you in advertising to gain traffic human yes, but other great things you forget about when trying to do things online. They specialize in it so much in less then a day we were on google search engines around the world. Thats how fast they are they know what to do and how to do it super fast. Look them up we did :) 


4. What happens when i reach Cashout minimum, you can request cashout via PayPal in all currencies, and or BTC BitCoin. 


5. Can I add my Earn Balance to my Purchase Balance in short to anser that NO. we prefer you cash out and then purchase Ad Credits we are a Business and must keep the books neat and tighty.


6. Are you going to add other payment processors, Maybe in the future but right now we work with the two main ones PayPal and BTC.




1. How do i advertise on this site, Simply Purchase Credits or Ad Campaigns found at the top of the page Advertise.


2. Can I use credit card, yes through Via PayPal you can use credit cards to purchase Credits or Ad Campaigns.


3. How long does it take to get processed my Advertising, within 24 hours, Administration must check payments and they also check the links. 


4. do you modify any links i give in my advertising. NO! we do not we must check links to make sure they are appropriate for all. 


5. Can I advertise Casino and or Sport or Gambling on your site, Yes You Can.


6. Can I Advertise Adult content on your site, Yes as long as there is a coverpage that is decant, no nudity. 


Other Questions


1. Can i have more then One account, No 


2. Can i use a VPN Proxy, you may try but if our software detects you you will be banned.


3. What if i have a Hotspot Ip for my laptop and desktop, Good Question yes you can, but know our antibot Proxy static Ip detecting software is elite and it may see you as a cheat, Notify us before attempting anything other then 1 IP.


4. Can i Have Multiple Accounts, Again Notify us, reason being is our anti bot, anti proxy Vpn, and Anti Ip Software may see you as a cheat and ban your account, which is unreversable let us no so we can Flag your account and you do not get Banned.


5. What are Points, Points are awarded to you for doing tasks on the site, you can redeem points for advertising free buy credits and advertise.


6. Do You have any Contest, Yes we hold a daily contest in Points, and Direct Referrals.


7. Do you have any Games, Yes we do we Have Head nd Tale Coin Toss, and Grid Click, find the right square win a Prize.


8. Do you accept "Country" Yes we accept all countries.


9. Why am I on Standard Membership for only 30 days, We start everyone as a Free Member, the upgrade is cheap for the next level we made sure of it, bette rewards as well this is so you know free is good but not in the line of a real Business. Upgrade earn more better rewards free members are paid Half of everyone else. The Next Upgrade is cents. 


10. Can i use my Points to Upgrade, No it does not work that way, you do not upgrade with points. 


11. How long does a upgrade last 30 day Upgrades, to 100 day upgrade levels, to a full year. 


12. You guys seem expensive, we are right on the money when it comes to PTC credits and so on, we done our homework compared to other sites we are more free range and offer the best to you.