Frequently Asked Questions
CoffeBux FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is a Legit Paying Site? Answer: yes will pay you providing you follow the rules in payment procedures and you are verified through the ways of the payment gateway.


2. Do i have to invest to do withdraws on Answer: No you do not have to invest to get paid in, uses PayPal as a Default Payment Gateway, and they Pay through PayPal HUF or Fornit. You can make deposits and or membership purchases through PayPal and the other Payment Gateways, but you may receive payment without Investment through PayPal in CAD.


3. Can I upgrade membership through my points? Answer: No you may not upgrade through purchase balance and or Point System coffeebux does not allow this ruling.


4. Can i transfer my Account Balance to Purchase Balance? Answer: No you may not transfer your account Balance to Purchase Balance, your Account Balance is the Money you have earned off of coffeebux doing simple tasks that you can withdraw to a Payment Gateway.


5. Can I use my Account Balance to buy referrals or Ad credits? Answer: No you may not use your account balance in any shape or form to purchase a thing on again it is meant for you to withdraw.


6. Can I withdraw to another payment Gateway? Answer: No you may not withdraw to any other payment gateway example Solid Trust Pay, or BitCoin BTC without Upgrading Membership first through that payment Gateway, once you have made a membership Upgrade through that payment gateway as said above. then you can withdraw through that payment gateway.


7. What is a Payment Gateway? Answer: A Payment Gateway is like a bank online it is in the form of where you have money in a account that you use to deposit to load up your purchase balance on and or purchase to buy something like Membership on In all there are these Payment Gateways we use on - PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin or BTC.


8. When will i be paid if i put in a withdraw? Answer: You are usually paid within 72 hours, how ever sometimes this may go a little longer depending on work loads may have.


9. Advertising How do i do it? Answer: You first have to do a deposit or obtain free advertising by collecting points to cashout twards purchase balance. You buy credits towards the type of advertising yu want, and more over we are about the cheapest if you use PayPal or Payeer to purchase Credits for Advertising.


10. where can i go to get more Information? Answer: You can read our TOS Terms of Service Try Our Forums, and Yet even contact Support. All these areas will inform you of any questions you may Have.