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New Membership and Sign Up Bonuses
Published on 08-02-2020

We Added 6 new Memberships and Continue on the Sign Up Bonuses of 25.00 to Account Balance and 5.00 to Purchase Balance to help you speed up the overall builds of Membership Upgrades. 


Keep track of you progresss as we continue to battle the Admins of the Web Site to fix and better secure the system server the is on Details you need are name, email, account Balnce Purchase Balance Country and any details you see fit to keep tack of. This info is crucial and allows us to find the account if we get hacked again, Thank all for your continued Patronage and make some money at

We are Not!!! a Scam Site..... PayPal
Published on 23-10-2019

We pay and will continue to pay 



PayPal Payents up to DATE compare them remember PayPal Currency is in HUF


As you can see we pay and continue to pay via PayPal we are not a scam site read the Forums and see for Yourselves. One person can cause a real Friction but thats just the way web sites go, we have paid nd continue to pay make sure you cn receive through PayPal payment Family Friend requests, in last post we have even showed you how to bill us to get payment again make sure PayPal is verified.


Other Payment Gateways in order to be paid by them Perfect Money Payeer Solid Trust Pay BitCoin you must Deposit or purchase to be paid by these Payment Gateways.

Why Did you get a Refund
Published on 20-10-2019

I requested a withdraw and received a rfund....


If you requested a withdraw and you requested through


Perfect Money


Solid Trust Pay

or even BitCoin BTC


and you received it back as a refund 


It is simple these payment gateways Perfect Money, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and BitCoin BTC need either a Deposit or Purchase through this gateway in order for you to unlock the payment gateway.


If you purchase membership through a payment gateway PayPal, Payeer, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay Bit Coin BTC you unlock the payment gateway.. each payment Gateway pays you in different currency currency equals money 


PayPal - Default Payment Gateway pays in - HUF Fornit 


Payeer - Pays in RUB


Perfect Money - Pays in USD


Solid Trust Pay - Pays in CAD


BitCoin BTC - Pays in USD Value 10.00 = 0.00010000 Stoshi. example if BTC is Valued at $10,000.00 USD.


Make sure before you request a withdraw you follow the rules you have to deposit money or purchase to withdraw from Payeer, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and or BitCoin BTC.


You may withdraw through PayPal as it is a default Payment Gateway.


As well if you have not received your Payment through PayPal and receive a Request for you to Request money from us. It is Simple to do here is how.


Login to your PayPal Account.


Click Money - then click send request money


Change the currency to HUF


put 10 Ft


click request.


If your email matches the one we have on file through withdraw email address to your PayPal we will check this and if it matches and you have requested a withdraw we will grant the payment request and you will be paid.


If you have any questions feel free to send a support ticket. is a paying site, also note it is a cheap way to advertise and a great way to grow and build and earn income.

Payments !!
Published on 10-10-2019

Make sure if you are withdrawing through Payeer Perfect Money and or Solid Trust and BitCoin you make either a deposit, or purchase... Thank You


Asegúrese de que si realiza un retiro a través de Payeer Perfect Money o Solid Trust y BitCoin, realice un depósito o compre ... Gracias

Assicurati di prelevare tramite Payeer Perfect Money e o Solid Trust e BitCoin effettuando un deposito o acquistando ... Grazie

Убедитесь, что при выводе средств через Payeer Perfect Money и / или Solid Trust и BitCoin вы вносите депозит или совершаете покупку ... Спасибо
Ubedites', chto pri vyvode sredstv cherez Payeer Perfect Money i / ili Solid Trust i BitCoin vy vnosite depozit ili sovershayete pokupku ... Spasibo

Assurez-vous que si vous effectuez un retrait via Payeer Perfect Money et / ou Solid Trust et BitCoin, vous effectuez soit un dépôt, soit un achat ... Merci

நீங்கள் Payeer Perfect Money மற்றும் அல்லது Solid Trust மற்றும் BitCoin மூலம் திரும்பப் பெறுகிறீர்களா என்பதை உறுதிப்படுத்திக் கொள்ளுங்கள் நீங்கள் ஒரு வைப்புத்தொகை அல்லது வாங்குகிறீர்கள் ... நன்றி
Nīṅkaḷ Payeer Perfect Money maṟṟum allatu Solid Trust maṟṟum BitCoin mūlam tirumpap peṟukiṟīrkaḷā eṉpatai uṟutippaṭuttik koḷḷuṅkaḷ nīṅkaḷ oru vaipputtokai allatu vāṅkukiṟīrkaḷ... Naṉṟi
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Improvements with site Update
Published on 26-09-2019

What we have Improved and done so far


After a month up and running we have made some adjustments to the site.

 Make sure to read Forums - Topics How it works, Memberships, Payment Process

The Updates are as follows


Payment Gateways 

We added More Payment gateways though don't get to excited - you must deposit or purchase through the payment gateway to have it recorded on your account as a reward gateway meaning able to withdraw to that gateway when requesting Payout. Yes it is true no purchase needed to do withdraw as you can withdraw through the sites Default Gateway. the Gateways and Currency you may withdraw are as follows...


PayPal - Default HUF Currency ONLY No Fees to you to withdraw

Payeer - RUB Currency Only may have Fee

Perfect Money - USD Currency Only may have Fee

Solid Trust Pay - CAD Currency Only may have Fee

BTC/Alt Coin - USD to BTC Value Only may have Fee.

If you do not deposit or purchase through Payeer,PerfectMoney,SolidTrustPay,BTC/At Coins then you may not withdraw from them. You can only use PayPal.


Rented Referrals - Huge we have adjusted the rented referral Days is now 100, and you do not need to click previous day to be rewarded rented or direct referral clicks. We are confident enough that you come back each day and click as you see how easy it is to gain rewards and cashout when you can.


Games - all games are higher in reward How much clix grid you can win 1000.00 that is in any currency type can be HUF, RUB, USD, CAD, BTC see higher rewards.


Click Ads worth more we uped the anti yep earn up to .01 that is our base minimum you can earn over .01 now in any currency HUF RUB USD CAD BTC.


Memebrships have been adjusted accordinly


along with ad package credits and so on.


Come Join in the fun and you will see why we are the most talked about PTC on line...


With a friendly staff and forums our members are very excited as you will be too... the way a PTC should be rewarding you for all tasks done and paying you without any difficlty just follow the rules posted in Frums under Payment Processing.


Hope to hear from you all soon


Admins of

Pending Payments
Published on 26-09-2019

On Sept 30th all Pending Payments for other than Payapl will be forfeited 


UNLESS you have Invested through that Payment Gateway your Pending Payments may be Forfeited. contact SUPPORT to recredit your Pending Payment.... 


Either Invest through that Payment Gateway or Use PayPal.


Admins of other PTC Sites. You Must Purchase through a Payment Gateway and what ever Ad Credit you have Purchased we will credit you additional Ad Credits up to 10 times ..... The Ad credit purchase is cheap through PayPal and through Payeer purchse through these two gateways and Boost up your account with x10 ad credits in any form of ad you purchase...


Members get a x10 bonus to all ad credits you purchase starting Sept 26,2019 x10 multiplier purchase through any payment gateway receive a additional x10 multiplier. This is a limited time offer Hurry today get x10 on 10000 banner bringing it too 1000000 Banner ads for example Muliply ad clicks to 1000 ad clicks to 100000 ad clicks. do not waste time and money else where we offer you the best get the best today.


Just send a support ticket after purchase of ad credits no matter if it is PSU Banner ad clicks link, text and even Front Page you will get x10 added to the count you bought. sweat deal get your ads going today....


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