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Published on 16-09-2019

Welcome all to


We are excited and have many features for you.


We deal with multiple currencies yes that is right multiple, depending on the Payment Gateway you choose.


We deal currently with PayPal = HUF, Payeer = RUB, BTC = USD. 


and we will add more as time goes on. The current pricing is based on the gateway you purchase at meaning if you use PayPal, you will be able to withdraw in Paypal. HUF, and so on for each Payment gateway. Simply deposit buy purchasing membership ad capaign credits and rented direct referrals. through a payment gateway we will record that to your account and you will then be able to withdraw from that gateway. 


example i buy Broze membership through Payeer - i pay 430.55 RUB  or if i used PayPal 430.55 HUF. BTC i have to deposit 0.00500000 BTC and then can purchase the membership.

 In all above examples what ever i use to purchase with Payeer PayPal BTC i can only extract payment this way through that Payment Gateway, example if i used Payeer i can only withdraw through Payeer, but more over if i Used Payeer to purchase membership and i deposit 0.00500000 Btc to my account i can now withdraw between Payeer and BTC...

Right now payments are still only going through PayPal. we hope shortly to have Payeer as a Option as more members upgrade there memberships to through Payeer to make this a full Option as a Payment Gateway for all members.


Thank You