Lastest News Update
Published on 24-03-2020

Good Day and Happy Spring everyone,


We have been working hard to bring the site back to life, changes have been made to effect BTC Satoshi 0.000000000 these changes are as follows we take so far BTC at 1 BTC = $10,0000.00 CAD yep Canadian Dollars so that is how you navigate the site 1.000000000 $10,000 CAD. keep that in mind when trying to figure our Prices example 0.000003000 equals $3.00 CAD this is how its done 

1. =equals high value like tens of thousnads

0.0 = equals thousands

0.00 = hundreds

0.000 = tens

0.0000 = equals dollar signs

0.00000 = cents

any thing else is fractions of a cent.


tha is the break down cheapest place on earth to Advertise.


We still do allow deposits from PayPal and SolidTrust Pay. you will withdraw through BitCoin but we will contact you if you want payment in PayPal or Solid Trust Pay and you reply yes send address for either one or No and receive BTC BitCoin as payment see simple right.


The entire Site is based on Canadian Dollars yep you heard that right CAD.


We have a special package for you Flog The Powder Monkeys a worth a look if you want to earn more and grow faster.


everything is adjusted we just adding bot packages all bots click you still need to do clicks a day to earn off referrals, right now it is members only you purchase.


Again if you have any question feel free to ask


Many Thanks and now earn some money, Happy Earning everyone make sure you read carefully website as it is generating money daily isn't it time for you to to earn some money on crypto coins as well.