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Terms of Service

We are a Service Provider we provide Advertising or Marketers the ability to list there Websites, and Or Sites they are Promoting, We provide you the cheapest Advertising Credits online through Payment Gateways of either PayPal CAD. The Members of the site are eager to click your Advertising Pages or to Sign up to Free accounts to receive Payment Claims in which they get paid for.


We May change the ruling at any given time, and we provide top quality services of advertising to you, as well we look after one of the largest Marketing and Investors sites in the world. We do a little more then most sites as we have many web sites that contribute to us over the aspects of marketing rest assured you as a Advertiser will get the traffic views that you need, and you as a member to coffeebux.com will earn points and account balance rewards to receive cash withdraws.


We keep it very simple and no need to invest to get paid, though if you want to earn higher rewards in payment you should Upgrade your membership and get nbetter cash rewards. We have Referral Programs in place that help you obtain faster rewards mini games, as well as daily contests. All is here at coffeebux.com. and if you have any questions our friendly staff is waiting to answer them.


Payement System and how they work



Paypal - No need to invest to get paid through Paypal the Default Currency is CAD Canadian Dollars. All withdraws through this Payment gateway must be confirmed through support if we run into a problem through the payment process we will tell you about it, Sometimes we can not send payment to you through this Payment Gateway due to you are not verified. and or other Means, if you wish you can bill us at archangelldn100@yahho,com through Paypal but if it is nt correct meaning CAD and the actual amount we will negate the Bill and cancel it, It must be in CAD in order to pay you through Paypal.... Good News you can deposit in CAD - Meaning advertising is dirt cheap to buy Credits.. If you UpGrade Membership through PayPal you will be able to withdraw Higher amounts of CAD through PayPal. 


Solid Trust Pay


Solid Trust Pay - Again you must Purchase through this Payment Gateway Upgraded Membership Failure to do so will negate any cash withdraws you attempt through this gateway. You must Buy Membership upgrade, and once you do you will be able to withdraw through this Payment Gateway. This Payment Gateway Pays you in CAD Canadian Dollar and Once again you can use this Payment Gateway to Deposit money into Purchase Balance as well. But Only through Membership Upgrade will you be able to do withdraws through this Gateway in CAD.


BitCoin BTC / Alt Coins


BitCoin BTC / Alt Coins - We unlike many places allow BTC BitCoin, AltCoins to Purchase Membership Upgrade. the BTC and or Alt is figured out in CAD... Which Simply Means this if i wanted to buy Bronze Membership Support would tell me the Price in BTC, and or In Alt Coin. They Then Provide me a Address to send my BTC or Alt Coin too, once i have made that transaction and it is confirmed they will then Provide me with Bronze Membership and Complete list of Alt Coins is in Forums which coffeebux.com accepts as payment. Once I have purchased membership through BTC or Alt Coins I can then withdraw BTC BitCin as a Withdraw Option. I need to Purchase Membership with BitCoin BTC or AltCoins, in order to withdraw BTC BitCoin.


If I use a Payment Gateway other than PayPal can i still withdraw through PayPal, Yes you may do this if you say use Payeer to buy Membership you can still withdraw through PayPal and Now Payeer. This comes in handy for those wishing to build accounts up on the many digitial Payment Gateways.


No Refunds we do not provide refunds that have Purchased Memberships in any of the Payment Gateways. We know that you will reach your Payout threshholds no matter what. Why Because we make sure you do, no member will go without appropriate ads to click and by us saying that is huge because we must make sure you get you 100 ads persay for the membership a day to click n matter what. Do not worry about this as we load up the ads for you to click no matter what unlike most Sites we make sure you get your memberships worth. 


If you need more information Please Read FAQ Frequently Asked Questions  go to our Forums, and last line Send a Support Ticket we will be glad to Help you out with any Questions you may have. Make sure to Allow Admin Mesages and read News area as it may hold answers to soe of your questions.


Thank You Coffeebux.com Admins.